ADP Update: Bengals Passing Game Increases In Value

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Now that Chad Johnson is back in camp and rehabbing his ankle, the Bengals' passing game is rising on the draft boards.

Johnson's trade demands caused his value to drop quite a bit in April. Now that he's back in camp and recovering from minor ankle surgery, his draft position has increased. Interestingly, T.J. Houshmandzadeh's value has not decreased at all, but actually increased two positions in the past two weeks. Here are their average draft position trends for 12-team leagues:

I don't understand the trend here. Houshmandzadeh's value increased with the chance of Johnson leaving, but then his value didn't decrease now that Johnson is healthy and will return. I would have expected a slight dip in Houshmandzadeh's draft position.

Carson Palmer's draft position followed a trend similar to Johnson's, and is now on the rebound. Here you can see how his 12-team ADP has changed:

Overall, the trends indicate that Cincinnati's problems are behind them, and drafters shouldn't worry about any previous trade demands or dog jokes.

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