Drew Brees On Pace to Pass Marino

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Way back in October I predicted that Drew Brees would pass Dan Marino's single-season passing record from 1984.

Although he's slowed down in recent weeks, Brees is still on pace.  Through 14 games in 1984, Dan Marino had 4,340 yards. Drew Brees has 4,332 yards.

Only 8 yards behind.

Marino finished his season well with 404 and 340 yards in the final two games.  Below is a graph comparing the two players' cumulative yardage totals over the course of their seasons:

Drew Brees vs. Dan Marino

You can see that Brees has just recently fallen to Marino's pace while he has been solidly ahead of it for most of the year.

Back in October, I estimated Drew Brees would end up with 5,111 yards, just 27 yards ahead of the record.  He has an easy matchup this week with the Lions, but a tough one against the Panthers to finish the season.

It should be a close one.

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