NFL Draft Resources

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It's NFL draft day!  Here are some resources for tracking the draft as it happens:

  • ESPN: Obviously ESPN is the main place for all things NFL draft.  They've got lots of video and analysis.
  • Yahoo: Yahoo also is hosting a lot of video content and analysis.
  • Twitter search for #draft: It looks like people are going to be twittering with the tag #draft while they watch the draft.  Even if you're not on twitter, you can follow the link above to watch people's live responses.  It's a pretty cool way to track opinions in real time.  #nfldraft is probably also a good search term to follow.
  • Fantasy Football Fools: The guys at Fantasy Football Fools will be live blogging the draft and will offer their own analysis in real time.

If you know of other live NFL draft resources, leave a comment below.  It's gonna be a fun day.

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