5 Ways to use Twitter for Fantasy Football

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Twitter has been getting pretty popular lately.  Even if you're not on Twitter, there are some cool ways to use it for fantasy football.

1. NFL Draft. It's over with this year, but it was fun to track the NFL draft in real time by doing a search on twitter for nfl draft.  Everyone from ESPN correspondents to your average Joe was sharing their reactions immediately after every pick.

2. Random Thoughts. You can do a search for fantasy football or #fantasyfootball to see what people are saying about fantasy football right now.  The interesting thing is that there are so many tweets that you can do the same search a little later and get completely different results.

3. Real Players. There are a lot of NFL players with Twitter accounts sharing what they're doing.  Here are a few:

You can find a full list of NFL players on twitter-athletes.

4. Fantasy Websites. There are a growing number of fantasy football websites on Twitter, and they're all posting their thoughts, opinions, and articles.  A good list of people and websites in fantasy football is on the WeFollow directory.

5. Ask for help. See what other people are thinking by asking a question.  Yesterday I asked:

"Drew Brees is the #1 fantasy football QB right now. Should he be?"

I got two responses in a few hours.  I predict that this NFL season people will ask for lineup advice the same way.

Give it a shot

Whether or not you're on Twitter yet, give these ideas a try.  While you're at it, don't forget to follow me at @FFCalculator.  It's one more way to get your fantasy football fix.

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