Fantasy Football Headlines On iGoogle

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There are a lot of ways to get news these days.  Fantasy football news is everywhere but it's sometimes hard to sort through the meaningful stuff to get at real fantasy football news.

Here's one way to view the latest news in the world of fantasy football.  Fantasy Football Chatter is a new place to talk about the fantasy news and vote on the important stories.  It now also has an RSS feed which means you can read the stories wherever you like.

If you use Google for your home page, you can add a list of the top fantasy news stories to  your home page just by clicking this button:

Add to Google

It will add a widget to your home page that looks like this:

Of course, if you already have a feed reader or other RSS aggregator you can subscribe directly to the feed of top stories.

Give it a shot and have fun talking with everyone else at Fantasy Football Chatter.

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