Fitzgerald Leads Elite WRs

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Wide receivers are a tricky position to draft.  There's a new article on WR strategy at the Bleacher Report detailing how to think about the wide receiver position in 2009.

Here's a quick run-down of the top four WRs this year.  Larry Fitzgerald is leading the pack so far, with Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, and Calvin Johnson right behind him.  Here is a graph of their 12-team Average Draft Position so far this year.

There has been no movement in the top four since the draft, with everyone holding steady.  It's definitely going to take at least an early 2nd round draft pick to snag one of the top four.

Draft strategies get interesting when it comes to wide receivers.  If you have a beginning draft spot, you'll miss them completely.  A RB/WR/WR strategy might be a good way to get decent WR depth if you feel you can trust your #1 RB.

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