Site Improvements: ADP Graph and Remember Me

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Some small but useful changes were made to the site today.

The ADP Graph is Back!

First, the ADP graph is back on the ADP page.  You can select players from the list and look at how their ADP has changed over time.

For example, here is the graph of Joseph Addai's ADP slowing dropping since the draft.

It looks like Donald Brown is already cutting into Addai's value, and he may end up in the 4th round pretty soon.

"Remember Me" For Member Logins

One other feature that people have been asking for is "Remember Me" on the login page.  Well, now you've got it.  Now you don't have to worry about forgetting to log in before joinging a draft, you'll be automatically logged in for 6 months if you check the box.  Clicking "Log Out" at the top right will clear the cookie and log you out.

Have fun with the updated ADP graph, it's always interesting to compare players and find trends in players' draft values.

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