New Draft Tool: Scenario Calculator

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A new draft tool launched this week, it's called the Scenario Calculator.  Check it out, it's completely free.

It aims to be a more interactive way to look at ADP data.  ADP is useful, but when you're drafting, a player's ADP is the point at which there's a 50% chance that they'll be drafted already.  If there's a player you really like, you probably want better odds than that of drafting them.

The Scenario Calculator can help here.  Plug in your league size and league type, and then pick a draft spot that you'll be at.  The Scenario Calculator then takes that day's ADP data and tells you what the chance is of each player being there at that pick.  The calculations involve not only the player's average position, but the standard deviation as well.

Here is a screen shot of it:

It's a free tool that gives you more insight into your draft, so try it out now.

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