Here's to Another 10 Years!

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This season marks the 10th anniversary of Fantasy Football Calculator!

What better way to celebrate a major milestone than to launch a significant redesign of the site, including our mock draft engine.

Last week, we launched a new site design with a lot of improvements. Here is a rundown of them all.

Draft Room

The biggest change is with the mock draft room itself. Check it out:

Mock Draft Board

The improvements to the draft room are:

  • Cleaner design. This is the first time the draft room design has been touched in 10 years!
  • Added the ability to search for players by name.
  • Watch list ordering now works on mobile.
  • Computer picks go much faster now.
  • Added the ability to toggle between default rankings and custom rankings instead of just one or the other.
  • For tech geeks, this application was written with the React JS framework.

Try a fast, free mock draft now to test it out!

Other Improvements

There were a slew of other improvements included in this release:

  • New logo and new website layout. Looks and performs even better on mobile than before.
  • You can now view completed mock drafts right on the home page.
  • Upgraded the charting library for the ADP graph to have a stock-ticker like date range selector.

Fantasy football average draft position graph

  • The Scenario Calculator and Draft Strategy tools are back online and faster than ever!
  • Moved the Draft Simulator onto the mock draft lobby page for easier access.
  • Members can now delete simulated drafts and tracked drafts.
  • For members, the “My Rankings” feature now lets you rank your players on mobile devices.

That’s everything! You can see that we strive to stay the leaders in fantasy football draft preparation now, and into the future.

Here’s to another decade of mock drafts!

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