Average Draft Position: API

If you are a computer programmer and want to programmatically access API data, you can use the XML-based API.

It is free to use for personal and commercial use. All that is requested in return is a link back to the ADP page and attribution. For example:

ADP data provided by Fantasy Football Calculator.

It’s simple to get started. Simply navigate to the ADP page’s data that you want to fetch data for, and click on the XML link. That will return an XML response of that same data.

All requests use the GET method and use query parameters.


Example request: https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp_xml.php?format=standard&teams=12


Below is an example of a truncated response with three players. The actual response will return about 200 players.

    <start_date>July 4, 2015</start_date>
    <end_date>July 7, 2015</end_date>
      <name>Adrian Peterson</name>
      <name>Jamaal Charles</name>
      <name>Eddie Lacy</name>