Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

A key component of many people’s draft strategy is to bring a fantasy football cheat sheet to their draft in 2017.

A fantasy football cheat sheet is an easy way to visualize who has been drafted and who hasn’t been drafted. As your draft progresses, you can mark off players with a pen.

Some cheatsheets have an overall list and also a per-position list for quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. Those are the most important positions in fantasy, so a typical fantasy football cheat sheet shows these positions all on one page.

Fantasy Football Rankings

The biggest component of the cheat sheet is the rankings. How should you generate your rankings for 2017?

Some people prefer to make their own fantasy football rankings. Others prefer to use “expert” advice.

The best source of cheat sheet rankings though, is to rely on the wisdom of the crowds. The cheat sheets here on Fantasy Football Calculator are automatically updated daily and are derived from the data of thousands of people doing fantasy football mock drafts every day. There are also many different scoring formats available, so you can tailor it to your league.

Also, the important scoring formats that you need to consider are standard, PPR, half-PPR, 2-QB, Dynasty, and Keeper. Make sure that you use a fantasy football cheat sheet tailored to your league settings.

Printing the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Finally, once you have determined your source of rankings, you are ready to print your fantasy football cheat sheet 2017.

You can make or generate your own cheat sheet for the ultimate customization.

The automatic PDF generator on Fantasy Football Calculator lets you have generate a PDF instantly. It’s a simple one-page PDF that makes it easy to see all of the key players in one page. No need for printing out dozens of pages that are hard to manage during your draft.


Now you know all about how to make or generate fantasy football cheat sheets for 2017 and how they can be used in your draft! Good luck!