Fantasy football mock draft

Fantasy football mock draft

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Average Draft Position

Check out the latest ADP data:

  • 1.02 Adrian Peterson RB MIN
  • 1.02 Jamaal Charles RB KC
  • 1.03 LeSean McCoy RB PHI
  • 1.04 Matt Forte RB CHI
  • 1.06 Calvin Johnson WR DET
  • 1.06 Eddie Lacy RB GB
  • 1.07 Marshawn Lynch RB SEA
  • 1.09 Jimmy Graham TE NO
  • 1.10 Demaryius Thomas WR DEN
  • 1.12 LeVeon Bell RB PIT

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August 21, 2013

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Improve your drafting skills with a live fantasy football mock draft.

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  • Join a fantasy football draft 24/7
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Fantasy Football Draft Importance

  • A good draft is a critical first step towards a fantasy
    football championship.
  • Many drafts are unpredictible. The only way to really be prepared is to test many different fantasy football draft scenarios.
  • Mock drafts are an easy and quick way to test fantasy football strategies and see how other people might draft.