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Fantasy Football Cheatsheet Generator 2018

Print your own fantasy football cheatsheet with Fantasy Football Calculator's easy to use cheatsheet generator.

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Example settings for this preview are:

  • PPR/Flex Format
  • Default Rankings From ADP

  • Printable Cheatsheet for your Draft

    • Customize your own rankings on the cheat sheet with the drag-and-drop interface.
    • Show that day's ADP along side their ranking.
    • Can also generate with the default rankings based on the most recent live mock drafts
    • Output is simple 1-page PDF cheat sheet to print and take to your draft.
  • Fully Configurable Cheat Sheet

    Generate the fantasy football cheat sheet for standard, PPR, 2-QB, and dynasty rookie drafts

    Use the most recent day's Average Draft Position data, or create your own custom rankings

  • Supports Keepers

    Keepers are pre-flagged on the PDF cheat sheet so you know which players aren't available.

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