• Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2018

    A fantasy football mock draft for 2018 is a free, fast, fun way to prepare for your real draft!

    Our drafters are the most dedicated fantasy football players you can find.

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    Why You Should Mock Draft

    An NFL fantasy football mock draft is the best way to prepare for your real fantasy football draft.

    Pick a 2018 mock draft from the lobby above and draft against other people to practice draft strategies for the real thing.

    Choose from Non-PPR (previously known as 'standard'), points per reception (PPR), half-point per reception (Half-PPR), 2 Quarterback (2-QB), dynasty start-up, and dynasty rookie formats for your mock draft.

    You'll be truly prepared for your real draft if you've done a lot of practice drafts in advance. With practice, you'll know:

    • What draft strategies work and which ones don't
    • Which draft spots are the best to pick from
    • What rounds you need to draft your sleepers in
    • What players are rising up draft boards

    How to do a free public fantasy football mock draft

    Watch this video to see how fast and easy it is to do a mock draft.

    Additional Mock Draft Resources

    If you just want to see the drafts that others have done, you can browse all the completed drafts or see the aggregated data on the ADP page.

    Use the custom draft simulator for when you want to draft instantly against the computer, or when you need to customize it for your keeper league.

    Fantasy football rankings generated from these fantasy football mock drafts are also available.

    Most people take a cheat sheet to their draft. You can generate a fantasy football cheat sheet based on our ADP data.

    Want a cool team name this year? Check out these fantasy football team names?

    Mock Draft Room

    This is a view of the fantasy football mock draft room. The rankings and computer algorithm will change depending on whether you are doing a standard/non-ppr, PPR, Half-Point PPR, Two Quarterback, dynasty or dynasty rookie mock draft.

    Fantasy Football Mock Draft

    More Mock Drafts

    Want to focus on just one format for mock drafts? Use one of the links below to go directly to drafts of just one scoring format.