About Us

Our Mission

Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide the best fantasy football draft preparation experience. The engine that drives it all is a free, fast, fun mock draft platform.

When Fantasy Football Calculator launched in 2006, there were not many ways to do a mock draft.

ESPN didn't have mock drafts.

Yahoo didn't have mock drafts.

The only ways to draft were a couple of kludgy Flash-based mock drafts, or slow drafts conducted over email that would take weeks to complete.

When the mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator first launched, they immediately became popular as the community here helped spread the word about a site dedicated to a fun mock draft experience.

An unexpected benefit of building an easy to use mock draft platform, is that our site attracts the smartest fantasy football players on the planet. Bringning that many informed drafters to one place means that the average draft position data generated from those drafts is top notch.

Since 2012, Fantasy Football Calculator has been an ADP provider of the USA Today, and our ADP data is syndicated to many of your favorite fantasy sites including Footballguys, FFToday, FantasyPros, and more. Starting in 2016, the ADP data is also published as part of FantasyData's API data feed. And none of that would be possible without our passionate, dedicated users.


Fantasy Football Calculator was founded and continues to be operated by Kevin Day, who has a background in scientific research, engineering, statistics, software development, and a love of fantasy football. The combination of those interests led to the creation of Fantasy Football Calculator as you know it today.