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Fantasy Football Calculator helps you prepare for your draft and win your fantasy league.

Follow this timeline to see how you can dominate every part of the season.

  • Practice drafting against other people

    Do mock drafts against other real people to get a sense of draft trends.

    Select your own draft spot and draft format. Within minutes you'll be drafting against live competition.

    Your drafts are saved for later analysis to see how you performed.

  • Practice drafting against the computer

    Use the Draft Simulator to practice against the computer and test strategies quickly.

    » Is RB/RB the right strategy?

    » What happens if I wait to draft a QB?

    Answer those questions and more by doing simulated drafts and analyzing the results.

    Customize for any number of teams and rounds.

  • Pre-rank players

    Customize the rankings based on your own opinions.

    Update and revise your rankings as much as you want.

    Re-use those rankings for the mock drafts, simulated drafts, and live draft.

    Create separate rankings for each scoring format.

  • Set keepers

    If you're in a keeper league, you can set the kept players for all teams in your league.

    Specify any round and any number of keepers for each team.

    The computer will remove them from the draft pool and automatically select them at the right time.

    Set them once, and then re-use them for all draft applications and cheatsheets.

  • Monitor Average Draft Position

    Stay up-to-date with the latest trends by monitoring the most accurate ADP source.

    Never overdraft a player again. Know their true market value.

    Don't miss on a sleeper by waiting too long. Grab them before someone else does.

  • Track your draft

    Find the best player available by using the Draft Tracker.

    Fire up the draft tracker during your draft, and the color-coded interface will easily show you where positional runs are happening, and when a good player falls in the draft.

    Automatically loads your custom rankings defined eariler, and will automatically draft keepers when they are supposed to be drafted.

    Customize for any number of teams and rounds.

  • Print your custom cheatsheet

    Print your PDF cheatsheet if you prefer paper and pencil or are drafting where there is no internet.

    Use your own custom rankings or the freshly updated projected rankings based on today's accurate ADP data.

    The cheatsheet will automatically flag keepers so that you know who is actually available.

  • Printable color-coded ADP

    Generate color-coded PDFs of the ADP draftboard.

    It's the perfect hassle-free way to track your draft.

    Updated every day. Select the ADP's format and number of teams, and you're on your way!

  • Start / Sit Decisions

    Use the in-season custom projected rankings to make start/sit decisions for who to start that week and which waiver players to pick up.

    Easily see who your best projected players are, and if any available players might outscore them.

  • Analyze Trades

    Determine if a trade is in your best interest by using the projected rankings for your players and the other team's players.

    Analyze projections for the upcoming weeks to determine if a trade will improve your team.

  • Prepare for the championship

    Find players with easy matchups during the fantasy playoffs to target in trades and waiver wire pick-ups.

    Use the in-season rankings as your final gut-check to determine the roster you want to roll with into the final championship week of the season.

Satisfied Customers

"Fantasy Football Calculator's Draft Tracker has me organized and ready to dominate from day one. Not only is it easy to use, but when the rest of my league is sorting through papers and magazines at our live draft, I've got everything I need to keep track of who's available and who I'm targeting on one screen. A must have for any hardcore FF addict that drafts live!"

- Brandon W
"I loved the draft simulator, it allowed me to run a bunch of mock drafts from different positions. I actually did 5 mock drafts from the 7 position and would you know I got the 7th pick. It gave me a feel of how guys were drafting. I'll be using it next year."

- Brock M.
"Great tool to prepare for your draft. I even use it during my draft to follow along. Having the colors that represent the positions makes it easy to know what other teams are going to do in the draft, in turn makes it easier for me to make decisions."

- Satisfied User
"The FFC Draft Tracker and Simulator are very easy to use and really help getting ready for the season. I wouldn't have been anywhere near prepared without it!"

- Chris C.
"Your website is easy to use and very helpful in preparing for my season. I have won my league 3 years in-a-row and your mock drafts and Printable ADP's have helped me succeed. Thanks!"

- Satisfied User
"I really like the Draft Tracker feature. I have used it the last 2 years. Everyone else has books and papers spread out everywhere. I find it way easier and much more efficient. It pretty much ROCKS!"

- Satisfied User

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