Fantasy Football Mock Draft - Drafting from the 3rd Spot in a 12-Team 2-QB League (2022)

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Mock Draft - Drafting in a 12-Team 2-QB League (2022)

Drafting in a 2-QB league is a different animal. There’s an increased demand at QB because there are only so many that are worthy of starting and this inherently pushes down value at other key positions. Your strategy drafting from the 3rd spot will end up being different than if you were drafting 12th in a 2-QB league as you will have a lot more choice on whether to start double QB or if you want one stud QB and then address the RB or WR position. In a 2-QB league, you likely want to come away with 2 of them in the first 4 rounds and wait at tight end. If you have two solid QBs and a top TE you are going to be suffering with your running back and wide receiver depth.

You should be completing mock drafts before the start of your draft in a 2-QB league because the positions in which players come off the board differ a ton. Check out the 2-QB ADP and check for yourself. You’ll quickly see how important it is to grab at least one QB early. and which will show you very quickly how it’s very important to grab an early QB or two. The mock drafts will allow you to iron out the kinks and adjust to the ADP.

Let’s review a recent draft I completed from the 3rd spot which will briefly go over why I chose who I did and some of the thought processes behind the picks. For the purposes of the mock draft, I based the picks off of the following league starter requirements: 2 QB (or 1 QB and a “Super Flex”), 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, and 1 TE. Kicker and defense will not be discussed as they should be the last two picks of your draft.

Round One (Pick 1.03): Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers

If you take a look at our 2 QB ADP rankings , the consensus with the 1.03 is Justin Herbert, but I figured I could get two stud QBs back-to-back in rounds two and three. I changed up my strategy for this mock draft and like how it turned out choosing McCaffrey with the 3rd overall pick.

Round Two (Pick 2.10): Russell Wilson, QB, Denver Broncos

I knew it would happen when I picked CMC in the first, but there were a total of 7 quarterbacks that flew off the board after my pick. Wanting to lock in on my QBs for the next two rounds, I first selected Russell Wilson who should have a revitalized year in the Broncos offense and is also a player to contribute now and then with his legs on the ground. I was considering Stefon Diggs with this pick since it was a great value but ultimately opted for the QB.

Round Three (Pick 3.03): Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I took Brady a bit ahead of ADP but was confident in his ability to throw for over 4500 and 35 TDs this year compared to Dak (with only CeeDee Lamb) and Aaron Rodgers (in his first season in a long time without Davante Adams). Rodgers might outscore him but I’m going with the GOAT who should have a top-5 scoring offense. Now I have my top-2 QBs and can now fill in the next several picks with receivers since I currently have none!

Round Four (Pick 4.10): Michael Pittman Jr., WR, Indianapolis Colts

I was delighted when Michael Pittman Jr. fell to me at 4.10 as he can be a top-5 WR this season if he can score near double-digit touchdowns. Matt Ryan has consistently supported a top fantasy wide receiver and this year should be no different, especially when the defense has to first worry about Jonathan Taylor.

Round 5 (Pick 5.03): Mike Williams, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Now that I had 1 RB and 1 WR, I needed to fill one of those positions. After J.K. Dobbins was selected just one pick before I was up, I opted for Mike Williams who should continue to develop with Justin Herbert and realistically could finish the season as the Chargers’ top WR. He is more than just a deep-ball receiver and is going to find the end zone a ton this year.

Round 6 (Pick 6.10): Courtland Sutton, WR, Denver Broncos

I was snipped once again by one pick as Breece Hall was selected with the 6.09 pick which led me to select my third consecutive WR. Courtland Sutton makes up my first available flex player and he’s stacked with Russell Wilson which I love in 2-QB leagues. When the QB-WR stack hits, it catapults your squad that much more. I’ve written about why I love Sutton a ton and with the recent unfortunate injury to Tim Patrick, he’s going to be locked in with a 20-25% target share (or more) each week.

Round 7 (Pick 7.03): Chase Edmonds, RB, Miami Dolphins

After selecting three wide receivers in a row I needed a second running back. While his ADP has risen almost a full round over the past couple of weeks, Chase Edmonds makes for a great RB2 on a fantasy squad. Miami is expected to be the second-best team in the AFC East and the Dolphins will run the ball a bit, even with Waddle and Hill as formidable receiving options. The other running back options in the backfield don’t scare me and Edmonds has the chance to take 60-65% of the running back snaps. I’m hoping Mike McDaniel utilizes Edmonds as a pass-catcher on third downs which would make his spot on my team as the RB2 that much sweeter.

Round 8 (Pick 8.10): Zach Ertz, TE, Arizona Cardinals

In both 2-QB drafts I completed for articles I found myself selecting both Chase Edmonds and now Zach Ertz in back-to-back rounds. With two early QBs selected I tend to wait on the TE position. With Ertz, it’s simple -he’s going to be peppered with targets with Hopkins out the first 6 games of the year. He should consistently see 5-8 targets a week in one of the highest-scoring offenses.

Round 9 (Pick 9.03): JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

JuJu Smith-Schuster will likely claim the draft boards as we see more training camp tape and preseason action, but for now, he’s a great value. Aside from Travis Kelce, we don’t know who is going to be next to take most of Hill’s vacated targets. Smith-Schuster plays well out of the slot and should be in line for a ton of easy targets from one of the best QBs in the game. Where I am currently drafting him I don’t need him to play from week 1. If it’s clear he’s going to be part of Mahomes’ plan every week we can flex him.

Round 10 (Pick 10.10): Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis Colts

In the later rounds, we are going to be pounding depth and high-upside players. Nyheim Hines is one of my favorite late picks as we know he is going to have a part in the offense and, if the unthinkable happens and Taylor gets injured, Hines is going to be a low-end RB1 every week. The coaching staff loves to use Hines in the receiving game and he always seems to scamper in a few TDs in the red zone.

Round 11 (Pick 11.03): Tyler Allgeier, RB, Atlanta Falcons

Rookie Tyler Allgier is somewhat of a dart throw since he is listed 3rd on the depth chart behind Cordarrelle Patterson who is coming off a very productive season and Damien Williams who we know can step in and be a decent player. With the offense being led by Marcus Mariota this year, we know it’s not going to be great. Allgeier is someone who might pay off dividends later in the year when injuries and team shake-ups happen rather than at the beginning of the season. There is some ambiguity in this running back group and taking a chance on the rookie is a free lotto ticket.

Round 12 (Pick 12.10): Julio Jones, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Does Julio have anything left in the tank? We’re about to find out. If he does, he could end up posting some decent numbers. If he gets injured or is just utilized in the offense, he will end up on the waiver wire and there’s no harm done as a 12th-round selection. At this point in the draft, you need to reach for the stars even if the picks don’t work out. Julio could have something left in the tank and in the 12th round I will take him in most of my drafts to see “what if.”

Round 13 (Pick 13.03): Romeo Doubs, WR, Green Bay Packers

It’s officially fantasy season when rookies have videos posted of themselves making big plays on social media. Nevada’s Romeo Doubs has shown a lot of promise so far during camp and if he can continue to develop with Rodgers and is trusted, he could make for a good flex play every week with a lot of upside. The WR1 in Green Bay, while we think it’s Allen Lazard, is still unknown at this point. Again, like Julio Jones, this is a long-shot selection and if he doesn’t make an impact on the field every week for the Packers he will get dropped early on in the season.

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