Draft Simulator

The Draft Simulator is an easy-to-use tool to simulate your draft. The color-coded draft board allows you to easily see who has been drafted already.

The simulator is your own personal draft room with the computer making all other selections.

Configuring the Draft Simulator

First, navigate to the Draft Simulator page.

Then, specify the settings of your draft that you want:

  • League scoring format
  • Number of teams
  • Number of rounds
  • Keepers

Then click “Launch Draft Simulator” when you are set. You will be immediately taken into the draft room.


The keepers are a selection of pre-saved keeper players for your league. This makes it easy to re-use keepers over and over again.

For more information on configuring keepers, read the Keepers page.

Custom Rankings

The rankings displayed in the Draft Tracker will be your custom rankings for that draft format if you have set them.

This makes it easy to see who the best available player is according to your rankings.

Running a Simulation

After you click “Launch Draft Simulator”, the simulation will begin automatically. All teams other than your own will be filled by computers.

The draft will progress quickly, and you will be on the clock to make your pick when the time comes.

The computer algorithm has a slightly random factor included, so each simulation will be completely different.