The Optimal Super Bowl LVI DraftKings Line-Up

Cooper Kupp Los Angeles Rams

Final Season Record: Values 55-25, Busts 57-23 The last game of the season. For all the marbles. And your last chance to take a swing at a DraftKings lineup. The goal remains the same but the rules are slightly different this week. Check out the contest details for full rules but the two biggest variables are: Team Captain: The player you select for this slot will obtain 1.5x points, but also costs you 1.5x more dollars in salary. Thus choosing a high-priced player here is going to be extra expensive than choosing a middle-cost player. Cooper Kupp is $5,800 more expensive, Odell is $4,200. FLEX Galore: All position spots are Flex spots, pick and choose to your heart's content. Variety and hitting your captain is going to be paramount in this competition so I'm playing multiple lineups to try and hit, but below I give you the lineup I feel most confident about. You'll see that it plays a game script where I think the Rams defensive line is too much for the Bengals, allowing the Rams to control the game.

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