Mock Draft: Drafting from the 6th Spot in a 12 team Half-PPR League

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Drafting from the 6th Spot in a 12-team Half-PPR League

Having a strategy coming into a snake draft is extremely important to set yourself up for success. Obviously, you need to be flexible as you navigate the subsequent rounds, but having some idea of how you want to tackle the first two rounds will set the tone for the choices you make down the road. You can't predict rounds 4 and later, but you can have a pretty good idea of what you want to do with rounds 1, and 2 and go from there.

In this article, we will take a look at potential strategies for drafting from the 6th spot in a 12-team, 2QB, half PPR point league (although these suggestions align well with PPR as well.) I'll cover your options in the first round and then suggest my preferred strategy for drafting from the position. Ultimately, this comes down to finding the players you like and fitting them into a strategy that works best for you. But I'll give you some of my favorite players to target given the starting position.

The Situation

This might be my least favorite place to draft from in a 2QB league. The vast majority of drafts have the same top 5; it's the consensus top 3 QBs of Allen, Mahomes, and Herbert along with the consensus top two RBs in Jonathan Taylor and CMC. There is a definite tier drop-off at both the running back and quarterback position after those five players, putting you at a disadvantage from this spot. The other issue is, that the vast majority of top-tier QBs will be gone by the time draft in the third round, meaning you have to make a very hard choice on reaching on a QB or trying to find value in the position a couple of tiers down.

Round 1 and 2: Derrick Henry/Russel Wilson

As I mentioned above, this is as much about how you feel about your options in the second and third rounds as it is about the player you can get in the first round. The premium put on QBs in a 2QB league normally dictates that there are eleven to twelve taken in the first 29 picks. Because of that high number of QBs taken, you truly are forced to take a QB with one of your first two picks unless you are comfortable with the fact that you might get stuck with Derek Carr as your QB1 in round 3.

The problem is the tier dropping that takes place before your 6th pick and your 18th pick. At 6 you will have your pick between Burrow/Murray/Jackson and Henry/Ekeler/or Cook, whoever your preferred RB is. At pick 18 the QB is usually between Hurts/Wilson/Stafford and the RBs are Swift/Jones/Kamara/Mixon.

As seen in this mock, I opted to take the premium at running back as I see the drop from Henry to a Chubb/Jones as more than a drop from Burrow to Wilson/Stafford.

Round 3: Dak Prescott

If Saquon or Kamara had dropped to me here I would have had a much tougher choice to make, but with both of them gone it’s a bit of a drop to Fournette/Montgomery so I opted to get the premium at the QB and have a very solid pairing of Prescott/Wilson. That's set it and forget it and one of the strongest pairings in the league.

Round 4: JK Dobbins

A mini-run on wide receivers right in front of me made for another easy choice in round 4, snagging a high-volume runner in one of the league's best rushing offenses. I also like the depth at the wide receiver position so am comfortable getting terrific RB1/2s and filling in the position later.

Round 5: Mike Williams

And we start filling it in the next round, happy with Williams who had his breakout last year, and a shiny new contract that shows the faith the Chargers have in him. He's not the best WR1 but should be a solid starter for the year.

Round 6: Brandin Cooks

Huge win with Cooks dropping here giving me a plus WR2 and making me feel a lot better about my receiver depth in general, no brainer pick.

Round 7: Deshaun Watson

A very long and unfortunate wide receiver run made me think twice about forcing my way into another wide receiver. Instead, I opted for an upside QB pick.

Round 8: Amon-Ra St. Brown

Another wide receiver score, there's no reason St. Brown should be dropping this low but I get a solid WR2 in the eighth round.

Rest of the draft

Probably made a mistake with my next pick because while I love Ertz, James Cook is a great option for RB depth and I was still sitting with only two starters. That really forced some reaches down the rest of the draft to gather some RB depth. Still, I feel great about the team overall, plus at the QB and RB with good WR depth and a decent tight end. Would be happy with this team heading into an actual league!

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