• DeAndre Hopkins (WR) #10

    DeAndre Hopkins
    Ht / Wt:6'1" / 214 lb.
    Born:June 6, 1992
    Drafted:2013 / Rd. 1 (27)
    Draft Team:HOU

    2016 Season Stats

    Rec Rec Yds Rec TD Ru Att Ru Yds Ru TD
    78 954 4 0 0 0

    ADP Value & Outlook

    Last updated: February 20, 2017

    DeAndre Hopkins's fantasy value is measured by his average draft position (ADP) in fantasy football drafts. In recent drafts, Hopkins's current ADP is 3.02, which indicates that his fantasy outlook is to be the 2nd pick of the 3rd round, and 26th selection overall.

    He was drafted 259 times in the latest ADP data, with a high of 17th and a low of 36th.

    Below is his trend in average draft position:

    Data from fantasy football 12-team standard scoring average draft position data, based off of the latest fantasy football mock drafts.

    Recent drafts with DeAndre Hopkins:

    Draft #DateFormatHopkins's Draft Pick
    3981611 2/20/2017 Standard 23rd
    3981606 2/20/2017 Standard 21st
    3981581 2/20/2017 Standard 31st
    3981577 2/20/2017 Standard 26th
    3981572 2/20/2017 Standard 33rd
    3981533 2/20/2017 Standard 24th
    3981505 2/20/2017 Standard 22nd
    3981501 2/20/2017 Standard 27th
    3981498 2/20/2017 Standard 24th

    Players drafted after DeAndre Hopkins:

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    Tom Brady QB NE 3.03
    Keenan Allen WR SD 3.05
    Latavius Murray RB OAK 3.06
    Spencer Ware RB SEA 3.08
    Brandin Cooks WR NO 3.09
    Thomas Rawls RB SEA 3.09
    LeGarrette Blount RB NE 3.10
    Tyreek Hill WR KC 3.10
    Drew Brees QB NO 3.12
    Allen Robinson WR JAC 3.12
    Sammy Watkins WR BUF 3.12
    Travis Kelce TE KC 4.01
    Doug Baldwin WR SEA 4.04
    Tevin Coleman RB ATL 4.04

    Injury History and Status

    No injury history available for DeAndre Hopkins.


    DeAndre Hopkins Biography

    Last updated: February 7, 2017

    Childhood and Highschool

    DeAndre Hopkins was born June 6th, 1992. His love for football started at a very young age in which he would attend D. W. High School. The South Carolina high school would be where DeAndre would push himself as an athlete. DeAndre would compete in basketball, track, and of course football. While playing high school football Hopkins would receive 57 receptions and score a total of 18 touchdowns. His amazing defensive skills landed him an amazing 28 interceptions and an incredible five defensive touchdowns. During his senior year playing football in high school Hopkins would be named the Independent Mail's player of 2010.


    Clemson University would be the college in which DeAndre Hopkins would attend. From 2010-2010, while attending the college Hopkins would play for the Clemson Tigers, the college's football team. It was during his play with the team that Clemson would impress through becoming the team's number one receiver. Hopkins would obtain 637 yards through 52 astounding receptions as a freshman. His total career at Clemson would prove to be one of the best with over 1,405 yards. With an opportunity to join the NFL draft present, Hopkins opted out of his final senior season with the team.

    NFL Draft

    Chosen during the 2013 draft Hopkins was the 27th choice during the first round of the draft. This was a huge choice for the Texans as it was only the second time that they would choose an offensive player in the previous ten years. The NFL draft proved extremely successful for both Hopkins and the Texans as a rookie and combine his skills to become a record setting player.. Hopkins 40 time was an astonishing 4.41with a vertical jump of 36 inches. His draft performance impressed and made him a superb option for teams seeking a highly athletic player. Hopkins eventually would sign a $7.62 million contract with the Texans. 

    2015 NFL Season

    The 2015 NFL season was one of Hopkins strongest. Hopkins's first game of the season saw him obtaining 9 passes and scoring two touchdowns. Hopkins would also score his first 100-yard game later on during the 2015 season. Perhaps the best part of the 2015 season came when Hopkins broke the all time record of touchdowns received in a season for the Texans. This achievement ranks as one of DeAndre Hopkins's best accomplishments of all time. Hopkins 2015 performance ranks as one of the all time best for the Texans. With over 1,521 yards and 11 touchdowns Hopkins performance earned him an All-Pro and a Pro Bowl pick. To see some of Hopkins's best highlights click here

    2016 NFL Season

    2016 saw Hopkins making a move to improve his contract. Through avoiding showing up to his training camp, Hopkins made a play to hold out for a new contract. Later in the season more problems arouse for Hopkins as he would be faced with a fine of over six thousdand dollars. Hopkins would end up finishing the 2016 football season with much lower stats than 2015. 

    Personal Life

    Hopkins has personally been associated with wearing and supporting the Kanye West line of shoes. His support of West's products came to penalize him when he was ordered to pay a fine for wearing West's cleats. On his twitter  @Nukdabomb DeAndre Hopkins continues to be a highly outspoken player who enjoys talking to fans and communicating his thoughts. Twitter has allowed players like Hopkins to adequately discuss how they feel about each game while also being able to connect further to fans. Hopkins's mother Sabrina Greenlee continues to be a very essential part of DeAndre's life. Having grown up in a very impoverished area of South Carolina, Hopkins has a high value on the importance of a strong family.  Hopkins father had passed away when he was young thus leaving Hopkins to garner a close relationship with his mom Sabrina. To this day the two are inseparable and Sabrina attends many of DeAndre's games.

    DeAndre Hopkins is currently serving a four year, $7,626,702 salary with the Texans. His time with the Texans has continued to prove a huge success throughout his 2015 and 2016 seasons. Fans who are eager to purchase one of DeAndre Hopkin's jerseys can do so here.


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