• LeSean McCoy (RB) #25

    LeSean McCoy
    ADP:Round: 1, Pick: 5
    Ht / Wt:5'10" / 198 lb.
    Born:July 12, 1988
    Drafted:2009 / Rd. 2 (53)
    Draft Team:PHI


    Average Draft Position (ADP) Value

    September 24, 2017

    LeSean McCoy's fantasy value is measured by his average draft position (ADP) in fantasy football drafts. In recent drafts, McCoy's current ADP is 1.05, which indicates that his fantasy outlook is to be the 5th pick of the 1st round, and 5th selection overall.

    Data from fantasy football 12-team standard scoring average draft position data, based off of the latest fantasy football mock drafts.


    2016 Season Stats

    Ru Att Ru Yds Ru TD Rec Rec Yds Rec TD
    234 1,267 13 51 356 1

    Recent drafts with LeSean McCoy:

    Draft #DateFormatMcCoy's Draft Pick
    4404611 9/23/2017 Standard 5th
    4403385 9/22/2017 Standard 5th
    4403177 9/22/2017 Standard 5th
    4402338 9/21/2017 Standard 6th
    4402272 9/21/2017 Standard 9th
    4402167 9/21/2017 Standard 4th
    4401893 9/21/2017 Standard 5th
    4401544 9/21/2017 Standard 5th
    4401230 9/21/2017 Standard 5th
    4400298 9/20/2017 Standard 19th

    Players drafted after LeSean McCoy:

    Odell Beckham Jr WR NYG 1.07
    Devonta Freeman RB ATL 1.07
    Melvin Gordon RB LAC 1.08
    Mike Evans WR TB 1.08
    A.J. Green WR CIN 1.11
    Jay Ajayi RB MIA 1.11
    Jordy Nelson WR GB 1.12
    DeMarco Murray RB TEN 2.01
    Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL 2.02
    Jordan Howard RB CHI 2.02
    Michael Thomas WR NO 2.03
    Todd Gurley RB LAR 2.05
    Dez Bryant WR DAL 2.06
    Rob Gronkowski TE NE 2.07
    Aaron Rodgers QB GB 2.08

    Injury History and Status

    Official reported injury data for LeSean McCoy.

    NFL Season NFL Week Injury Status
    2016 7 Hamstring Questionable
    2016 8 Hamstring Out
    2016 9 Hamstring Questionable
    2016 11 Thumb Questionable

    LeSean McCoy Biography

    Childhood and High School Years

    28-year old LeSean McCoy was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a child he was nicknamed "Shady" due to experiencing frequent mood swings. He attended Bishop McDevitt High School  until 2006. Prior to high school graduation, he suffered an ankle injury that put his athletic career in jeopardy and caused him to transfer to the Milford Academy Prep School.  Throughout his high school career McCoy rushed 406 yards in one game during his sophomore year and scored 35 touchdowns his junior year. This led to McCoy earning a Madden Class AAAA from the Associated Press All State. 


    Despite his injury, he went on to attend classes and play football at the University of Pittsburgh. 2007 was his rookie year playing football for the university. He set a record for scoring combine 14 touchdowns that year and rushed for more than 1,300 yards on the field. The next year he was chosen for the All-American as a second team player. Ranked third in the nation in number of rushing touchdowns scored, he had 21 under his belt by season's end. For a look at some amazing runs by McCoy here are some highlights of him going vertical on the field. 

    NFL Debut

    LeSean McCoy signed a contract and officially made his NFL debut in September of 2009. He was NFL draft pick 53 of round two and received a salary of $3.47 million.  During his first NFL season he rushed 637 yards. His success in the first year of his NFL career led to his position as the star running back for the Philadelphia Eagles in his second season. His 40 time rush was the highlight of the season. 

    NFL Career

    2010 was the year McCoy became the Eagle's running back where he broke the 1,000 yard barrier. In 2011 McCoy was crowned the Associated Press's first team All-Pro. Afterwards, McCoy suffered a concussion that kept him out of the majority of the 2012 season's games. Of the games he did play that year he scored his first 2012 touchdown in the game's first quarter, leading to another win for the Eagles. He recovered in 2013 when he had rushed 1,067 yards for the season by the season's 17th week. The same year, he scored a touchdown on the NFL's Monday Night Football, where he achieved 31 carries and rushed 184 yards. As a result, McCoy was honored with Player of the Week from FedEx Grounds. The 2014 season saw McCoy becoming the Eagle's leading rusher. During the off season in 2015 McCoy was sent to play for the  Buffalo Bills, whom he signed a five-year contract with. The 2016-207 NFL season has been a highlight in McCoy's career. It started with 16 carries and a total of 58 yards run. McCoy ended 2016 with and invitation to the Pro Bowl for the fifth time. 

    Personal Life 

    Playing football runs in the McCoy family, as LeSean has a brother who was a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. McCoy lives in New Jersey with his son, LeSean Jr. Fans of McCoy can follow him on twitter @leseanmccoy. He can also be found on Instagram @25_mccoy. He dons jersey number 25 for the Buffalo Bills. For McCoy Jersey sales, click here


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