Best Fantasy Football Kickers (2020)

Best Fantasy Football Kicker
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Kickers are people too.

Remember that when you're drafting one as the last pick in your fantasy football draft.

While some leagues are choosing to do away with kickers, if you're reading this article, you probably aren't in one of them.

Kickers do score points in real NFL football, and it is natural to include them in the fantasy version of the game as well.

The reason that they are looked down on in fantasy is that most of their performance is random from year to year and week to week.

Now, while most of their performance is random, that doesn't mean that ALL of it is random.

What to look for in a fantasy football kicker?

The things to look for in a kicker for fantasy football is a historically accurate kicker on a good offense.

Those are the things you can control for when selecting a kicker.

However, it's tricky to make predictions beyond that. Kickers will get more opportunities if their offense is good enough to get into field goal range, but not good enough to score a touchdown. A lot of that comes down to randomness which means that you don't want to spend valuable picks in your fantasy draft on a kicker if it's all just luck.

Who are the best kickers in fantasy football?

Given the disclaimers above that it's difficult to predict fantasy kickers, there are generally accepted rankings for the top kickers this year.

These kicker rankings are adjusted daily to account for news, injuries and more. You can see the latest rankings for the best kickers here:

When should I draft a kicker?

You should pretty much always draft a kicker with your last pick of the draft.

It's always better to get depth at other positions

To see where they are being drafted on average, you can review their average draft position, updated daily:

However, our advice is that you should wait until the last pick and then take the best available kicker remaining.