FanDuel Value Plays, Picks, and Sleepers for Week 15

Dalvin Cook Minnesota Vikings
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Dak Prescott at Indianapolis Colts ($7,300)

The Cowboys passing game, so hot right now. Amari Cooper is somehow justifying the first round pick he was traded for (still dumb) and Dak Prescott is coming of a career day against the Eagles. That being said, don't get your hopes up for another 400 or even 300 yard day, but Prescott's new passing prowess provides him with the best floor of the value plays. The Colts secondary is pretty blah and should provide Prescott with enough upside potential to make him a solid choice.

Dalvin Cook vs. Miami Dolphins ($6,300)

Speaking of hot, what is up Dalvin Cook. Cook has all but wrestled the backfield away from Latavius Murray and looks fully healthy, something that he clearly was not earlier in the year. The biggest upside is that he's also contributing in the passing game, with 13 catches over his last two games. With Miami's bottom three overall defense, this is definitely the FanDuel mis-value of the week and should be everyone's radar as a RB2 option.

Jalen Richard at Cincinnati Bengals ($4,800)

Want a shot in the dark? Sure you do! That's why we're all here right? Third down specialist Jalen Richard continues to see consistent touches (about 8 per game) in Oakland, and usually makes the most of them against weak defenses. Enter the Cincinnati "Marvin Lewis is finally going to get fired" Bengals and their dead last defense. Richard needs a big play to make the play worth it but offers a huge amount of upside for a $4,800 expenditure.

Corey Davis at New York Giants ($5,800)

The low valuation on Corey Davis revolves around the risk that the Titans may just give up on passing all together at some point. I wouldn't even blame them. But the Giants have been putting up points lately and don't have the worst run defense in the world meaning Tennessee will likely have to have some semblance of a pass game. Given the opportunity against below average competition, Davis has produced, and makes a good value play at the Flex or WR2.

Jordy Nelson at Cincinnati Bengals ($5,000)

Riding that garbage Bengals defense to the value play promise land baby! Jordy Nelson, who looked ready for retirement at the beginning of the year and, well, he still looks ready for retirement. BUT! He's also seen 18 targets over the past two games and get's the softest matchup possible in this one. He's well worth a flier on the hopes of another target rich game.

BONUS: Amari Cooper at Indianapolis Colts ($6,600)

I just wanted to point out that a guy that had 217 yards and 3 touchdowns is only valued at $6,600. That being said, I wouldn't pick Cooper this week for two reasons. First, he's going to come crashing back to Earth. I still think he has a good day and outperforms this value, but it's not an outrageous price. Second, his play percentage is going to be massive. Smarter to avoid and hope for a down day than join the crowd and not differentiate.

Evan Engram vs Tennesee Titans ($5,200)

Another week, another time that I tell you not to go cheap on the tight end position. My personal preference for this week would be Eric Ebron, BUT, value wise I'm going Evan Engram. Odell Beckham is out again, meaning there will be plenty of targets available. And while the Titans are the number one defense against tight ends, Engram lines up more like a receiver than a tight end and is moved around a lot. He should see enough looks to be a good play.

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