Fantasy Football Draft Hub (2023)

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Picture this:

It's late on a Sunday in October. You're checking your fantasy scores and what do you see?

Your stud players are crushing it. Your late-round sleeper picks are exploding. And your depth players are killing it too.

The fantasy gods have smiled upon you.

But you know that doesn't happen by accident. It takes research and planning to make that happen.

Additionally, you need to tailor your practice to be as specific to your league as possible.

Your scoring settings, rosters, draft spot and keepers that you use when practicing. should match those of your actual league. If not, then the lessons that you learn won't translate. If you can do that, you'll walk away on draft day as a winner.

Below is a list of our draft resources, both free and premium.

From cheat sheets to mock drafts to rankings. ADP to mobile apps, it's all here in this draft kit. Use it for PPR leagues, half-ppr leagues, non-PPR leagues, 2-QB leagues and more.

Mock Drafts

Participating in fast, accurate mock drafts are the best way to be prepared for the real thing. All experienced fantasy football players mix in mock drafts into their draft preparation routine.

You can practice drafting at every different position, try different strategies and see where players are being drafted.

The best thing to do is to go check out a live mock draft lobby and jump in a draft. We have free mock drafts running every few minutes. At the end of the draft, you can have your team graded to see how well you did.

And then later on, you can also view thousands of mock draft results to see how your draft compares.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

You need to have a good idea of different draft strategies going into your draft.

Use the Draft Kit plus these draft strategy articles to get a feel for strategies and know how to draft smart.

Once you understand the basics of draft strategy, you can use the premium tools to get customized advice tailored to your league.

Fantasy Football Draft Tools

These advanted tools offer innovative ways to analyze your draft and draft strategies that you can't find anywhere else:

Average Draft Position

No matter what your draft strategy is, you have to know the right time to draft players. If you wait too long, you'll miss out. If you take a player too early, then you're losing value.

That's why it's so important to take a cheat sheet with you to your draft that includes ADP data. You have to make sure that you don't overdraft a player in your draft.

Likewise, you need to make sure that you don't wait too long on your sleepers and miss drafting your favorite player.

Keeper Drafts

If you're in a keeper leauge, you should use tools that can allow you to input your keepers in advance and then get analysis based on your specific league with keepers.

The premium tools here at Fantasy Football Calculator let you input keepers once and then have personally customized tools for:

  • Cheat sheet generator
  • Draft simulator
  • Draft tracker

It's the best way to prepare for your keeper league draft. Try the premium tools today.

Fantasy Football Draft App for Mobile

If you want to draft easily on the go, a mobile app customized for your league is by far the best way to draft. Make sure you get an app tailored for iPhone or Android depending on your phone.

The app even has free news updates, Average Draft Position, rankings and more.


Having success in the fantasy championship starts with your draft. And the way to win your draft is by preparing with the tools and content above.

Be prepared, be smart and you'll start your fantasy season on the right foot.

Happy drafting!