Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Drafting from the 9th Spot in a 12 team, 2QB, Half-PPR League

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Mock Draft: 9th Spot in a 12 team, 2QB, Half-PPR League

You know what time it is, it's mock drafting season. That wonderful time of the year when hope springs eternal and every player is nothing but upside. I absolutely love mock drafting, trying out different strategies, and getting comfortable with different draft spots.

In this article we will take a look at a mock draft, selecting from the 9th position in 12 team, 2 Quarterback, half PPR point league (although these suggestions align well with PPR as well.) I'll walk you through my thinking for each selection. Ultimately, this comes down to finding the players you like and fitting them into a strategy that works best for you. But I'll give you some of my favorite players to target given the starting position.

First Round, Pick 9: Dalvin Cook, RB

I see a tier drop in QBs after the top 3 and a tier drop in running backs after Dalvin Cook so I usually go RB at this spot with Cook as my primary target. Cook has true RB#1 upside if he can stay healthy and is ultra-productive when he is on the field. He's a sure-fire RB1 and an easy first-round pick.

Second Round, Pick 16: Lamar Jackson, QB

It is VERY dangerous to wait until round 3 from this position to take a QB so I always grab one in round 2. I usually hope Kyler Murray falls to me, am happy with Jalen Hurts, and am ecstatic if Lamar makes it to me. QB#1 upside and I truly believe in his abilities and growth. His high rushing floor makes him a terrific choice.

Third Round, Pick 33: Saquon Barkley, RB

Usually, I go QB here before another large tier drops to the Carr/Cousins/Lance group of QBs, but I can't resist Saquon Barkley this late in the third round. The offense is iffy but I don't buy the injury concern and he has a road to more volume than almost any other RB. You have to take this value here.

Fourth Round, Pick 40: Trey Lance, QB

As I alluded to above, the compromise here is a Tom Brady for Trey Lance. A trade-off for sure, but one that I am comfortable with. Kirk Cousins vs. Lance is close, I see Lance as having more upside with the rushing which is why I took him, but Cousins has a high floor as well.

Fifth Round, Pick 57: Michael Thomas, WR

With my QBs and top two RBs locked in, it's time to capitalize on the depth at the WR position during the RB dead period. Thomas is a bit of a reach here but I believe the hype and think he is going to be a PPR force this season. Fine with him as my WR1.

Sixth Round, Pick 64: Courtland Sutton, WR

And very happy with Courtland Sutton as my WR2 with WR1 upside. Russell Wilson is reportedly peppering Sutton with targets in practice and we are only two seasons removed from a 70-catch, 1100-yard season from Sutton. His talent is still there, the QB talent just hasn’t been. Well, it's back again.

Seventh Round, Pick 81: Tony Pollard, RB

Pollard presents flex possibilities given his efficiency and pass-catching and RB1 possibilities if Zeke misses any time. With Elliot a major injury concern at this point, Pollard is a worthy stash.

Eighth Round, Pick 88: Amon-Ra St. Brown

If you have read any of my other mock drafts, the main staple is Amon-Ra St. Brown. Again, he was WR#2 (!!) during the final six games of the season. The Lions will be better, and so will St. Brown. He continues to be a steal this late.

Rest of Draft

From here I knew I needed to lock in a tight end, backups at the premium QB position, and then depth across WR and RB. I think I accomplished all these things well. Zach Ertz was productive in the Cardinals offense and should lock in as a solid if not spectacular TE1. For QB I went Brisset as my injury assurance as he will be playing the majority of the season and then Pickett as my upside back up as I think he takes the Steelers starting job sooner than later. Finally, Stevenson and Parker give me good depth in both key positions.

Overall I'd love a little more punch at the wide receiver position but I really like this team. It's deep with just the right amount of upside and floor. Would be perfectly happy with it rolling into 2022.

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