Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2022 – Mock Draft 12 Team PPR League

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Mock Draft 12 Team PPR League (2022)

So we have been trying to prepare you for your fantasy draft for the last month now, with numerous articles on draft strategies depending on your league and draft spot. Mock drafting is getting more and more realistic now that starting lineups are taking shape and people are starting to participate, so use this last week or so to get prepared.

In this article, we will take a look at a 12-team PPR mock draft that I completed with 10 other humans and one computer player.  I chose the 12 th spot because I love picking at the turns and feel like it allows me to pick freely without worrying too much about ADP.

You may want to look at the PPR Rankings page and start making your own rankings based on who you like going into the 2022 season.

The final results can be seen here . You can take a look at the overall PPR ADP to get a better understanding of where players are being drafted.

Rounds 1 and 2

I’ve been going back and forth with what to do with the first two rounds, but it seems more and more like I want to grab at least one Running Back and one Wide Receiver here.  So that’s why I went with Stefon Diggs and Aaron Jones as my first two picks.

Aaron Jones is in line for some more targets now that Davante Adams is gone, so I went with him over the likes of Nick Chubb or D’Andre Swift.  Now I will say I do like A.J. Dillon a lot so if I missed out on Jones I probably will heavily target Dillon.

Looking back at my draft after the fact, I probably could have done without Stefon Diggs and grabbed a better RB, since I left the draft feeling like my RBs were weak.

Rounds 3-5

I went Wide Receiver heavy in these rounds since it is a well-known Running Back Deadzone in this area.  Mike Williams has the opportunity to be the WR1 for the Chargers and has games that could win you that week.

I’ve also been super high on Courtland Sutton, so I made sure I got him before my next pick 22 picks later.  Allen Robinson fell to me in the fifth round, so I grabbed him in hopes that his career is resurrected by Mathew Stafford and the LA Rams.

I want to wait till later rounds to grab a Tight End and Quarterback, and like I said the RBs here are yucky, so that is why I went WR heavy and probably could have skipped Diggs in Round 1, as mentioned above.

Round 6

This pick was a bit of a tough one for me, as I felt like Russell Wilson as the 6.01 was a bit high.  But as I’ve said before, drafting at the turn means throwing ADP to the wind.  I am really excited about the Wilson – Sutton pairing for fantasy purposes, so I ensured that with a bit of a reach for Wilson.

It seems like it was a decent decision since Jalen Hurts, Kyler Murray, and Dak Prescott all went before my next pick.  One of those could have been Wilson, so I’m glad I went for it.

Rounds 7–10

Now it was time to start looking at the Running Back position.  I felt pretty set with Quarterback and Wide Receivers, so I went with the next best available Running Back: Melvin Gordon.  Gordon split carries with Javonte Williams last year, and even though he probably will go down to the 40% touch range, Gordon still has a lot of fantasy value.  A Williams injury could also pay off big.

From there I figured I’d keep going with Running Backs, but I saw Allen Lazard sitting there, so with my eighth pick, I went with the supposed WR1 for Green Bay/Aaron Rodgers.  Those Davante targets do have to go somewhere.  I did think about grabbing Dameon Pierce here, but Lazard was just too tempting.

With my ninth and 10 th picks, I went with some potential high-upside Running Backs.  Brian Robinson has been garnering some steam after starting the second Preseason game, and Antonio Gibson’s hold on the number one spot seems to be slipping.  Now I don’t necessarily love the pick since he is in a timeshare, but Robinson could be a good hold for later in the season.  Following that, I went with Darrell Henderson, who apparently is being overlooked thanks to the return of Cam Akers.  If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you’ll know I think Akers may bust thanks to the achilles injury, so Henderson could take over lead duties at some point.

Rounds 11-12

I’ll be honest here, I missed the 11 th pick by a millisecond and it auto-drafted Pat Freiermuth.  I was targeting Hunter Henry, so when I submitted the pick, it went to my 12 th spot.  I will never advocate for taking two Tight Ends in a one Tight End spot league.

That said, Henry performed well last season in New England and hopefully will get more targets.  My real target is Cole Kmet, however, someone grabbed him super early (9 th round) so I missed out this time.

Rounds 13-15

Round 13 came and I saw DeAndre Hopkins there, which boggled my mind since he is only missing the first six games of the season.  He should be a target monster once he returns, and even if he doesn’t perform to his typical level he should still outperform the 13th-round ADP.

I grabbed my defense in Round 14 (I’m targeting the Green Bay defense since they seemed to get a ton better over the last year but they were grabbed early too).

For my last pick, I went with a high-upside guy that I can easily drop if needed.  Gus Edwards is a great handcuff on a run-first offense.  Both he and J.K. Dobbins are coming back from knee injuries, and we may not see Edwards for a bit.  Still, it only takes an injury or bad play for Edwards to grab the starting spot for the Ravens.

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