• Spencer Ware (RB) #32

    Spencer Ware
    Ht / Wt:5'10" / 228 lb.
    Born:November 23, 1991
    Drafted:2013 / Rd. 6 (194)
    Draft Team:SEA

    2016 Season Stats

    Ru Att Ru Yds Ru TD Rec Rec Yds Rec TD
    214 922 3 33 447 2

    ADP Value & Outlook

    Last updated: March 29, 2017

    Spencer Ware's fantasy value is measured by his average draft position (ADP) in fantasy football drafts. In recent drafts, Ware's current ADP is 3.06, which indicates that his fantasy outlook is to be the 6th pick of the 3rd round, and 30th selection overall.

    He was drafted 444 times in the latest ADP data, with a high of 18th and a low of 45th.

    Below is his trend in average draft position:

    Data from fantasy football 12-team standard scoring average draft position data, based off of the latest fantasy football mock drafts.

    Recent drafts with Spencer Ware:

    Draft #DateFormatWare's Draft Pick
    4040283 3/28/2017 Standard 30th
    4040278 3/28/2017 Standard 29th
    4040277 3/28/2017 Standard 30th
    4040239 3/28/2017 Standard 22nd
    4040238 3/28/2017 Standard 31st
    4040213 3/28/2017 Standard 31st
    4040209 3/28/2017 Standard 29th
    4040206 3/28/2017 Standard 30th
    4040204 3/28/2017 Standard 29th
    4040201 3/28/2017 Standard 34th

    Players drafted after Spencer Ware:

    Brandin Cooks WR NE 3.07
    Thomas Rawls RB SEA 3.07
    Tyreek Hill WR KC 3.07
    Keenan Allen WR SD 3.08
    Tom Brady QB NE 3.09
    Doug Baldwin WR SEA 3.09
    LeGarrette Blount RB NE 3.11
    Latavius Murray RB MIN 4.01
    Drew Brees QB NO 4.02
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    Tevin Coleman RB ATL 4.05
    Travis Kelce TE KC 4.05
    Eddie Lacy RB SEA 4.07
    Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 4.07

    Injury History and Status

    Official reported injury data for Spencer Ware.

    NFL Season NFL Week Injury Status
    2016 1 Ribs Questionable
    2016 8 Concussion Questionable
    2016 9 Concussion Out
    2016 16 Ribs Questionable
    2016 17 Ribs Out

    Spencer Ware Biography

    Last updated: February 7, 2017

    Childhood and High School

    Born November 23rd 1991, Spencer Ware was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is there that he would hone his football skills. Spencer Ware attended Princeton high school where he would serve as the team's quarterback while along with playing baseball as an outfielder. During his time in high school, Spencer Ware became the 19th overall football prospect by scouts in the entire U.S.. Ware would rush for an astounding 770 yards while also producing thirteen touchdowns. It was his time at Princeton High School that Spencer Ware would establish himself as an extremely threatening dual threat.


    Spencer Ware would go on to become a talented football and baseball player at LSU. His time there allowed him to be only the third player to be a dual threat during the tenure of coach Paul Mainieri While in college, Ware completed 1,240 yards rushing. Ware's time at LSU would prove to be a great opportunity to showcase his developed athletic fortitude. Ware's senior year was one of his most successful with 365 rushing yards and 94 carries. Ware would lead his team through most of the college thus standing out to recruiters and poising himself to become a very successful draft pick.

    NFL Draft

    Spencer Ware's 34 inch vertical and 4.62 40 time made him an extremely valuable choice. Ultimately it would be the Seattle Seahawks that would pick Ware up in the sixth round of the draft. Spencer was an easy choice for the Seahawks given his performance in college and his impressive 40 time and vertical results. His athleticism at LSU would path the way for a successful career in the NFL. Ware would be signed with a combine base salary of $600,000 that would see a signing bonus of $1,000,000 written into his contract.

    2015 NFL Season

    Ware as a rookie finally got his chance to shine when he was warmed up for the Kansas City Chiefs a team that had picked him up after he had been previously dropped by the Seahawks. His game would be against the Dallas Cowboys, and it would end up proving his skills and success. Ware would end up scoring a touchdown, which would become his first in the NFL, and help the team win in the last several minutes of the game. Ware's 11 games during the 2015 season lead to 403 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns. While Ware hasn't always been an extremely active player in the NFL, this moment proved his worth and that if played more he can absolutely bring home the results needed to win games.

    Spencer Ware continues to pour his soul into his performances and athleticism. Those who want to view and relive Spencer Ware's 2015 season can do so by viewing his thrilling highlights reel by clicking here.

    2016 NFL Season

    During his 2016 season Spencer Ware would rush for a total of 921 yards across the 14 games in which he could play in. Ware was able to score a total of 3 touchdowns, which was less than the amount he could score in 2015. Ware's 2016 while putting up high rushing numbers was to a lesser degree successful in terms of scoring. It should be noted that the 2016 season was not all success. Spencer Ware encountered his first 4 fumbles during this season 3 of which were lost to the other team. Ware's 2016 season saw him playing more games and running for more yards.

    Personal Life

    Spencer Ware was arrested in January of 2014 under suspicion of driving under the influence. It would later be determined by a judge in court that the officer that had arrested Ware had no evidence in regard to a DUI and that Ware would be deemed innocent.

    Spencer Ware's twitter can be read and viewed by clicking here.

    One of the many amazing things Ware has done for the community is his presentation on June 23rd 2016 of a Full Throttle Indoor Karting event created to allow kids to be active and enjoy something with their fellow peers. Ware was on hand to support the kids and to encourage them to push themselves to work in groups on athletic projects.

    For those looking forward to purchasing gear in order to support Spencer Ware they can do so by clicking here and making a purchase of their favorite memorabilia.


    Player Comparison

    Who should you draft?

    Brandin Cooks or Spencer Ware

    Spencer Ware or Thomas Rawls

    Spencer Ware or Tyreek Hill

    Keenan Allen or Spencer Ware

    Spencer Ware or Tom Brady

    Doug Baldwin or Spencer Ware

    LeGarrette Blount or Spencer Ware

    Latavius Murray or Spencer Ware

    Drew Brees or Spencer Ware

    Alshon Jeffery or Spencer Ware

    Sammy Watkins or Spencer Ware

    Spencer Ware or Tevin Coleman

    Spencer Ware or Travis Kelce

    Eddie Lacy or Spencer Ware

    Demaryius Thomas or Spencer Ware



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