• Travis Kelce (TE) #87

    Travis Kelce
    Team:Kansas City
    Ht / Wt:6'5" / 255 lb.
    Born:October 5, 1989
    Drafted:2013 / Rd. 3 (63)
    Draft Team:KC

    2016 Season Stats

    Rec Rec Yds Rec TD Ru Att Ru Yds Ru TD
    85 1,125 4 1 -5 0

    ADP Value & Outlook

    Last updated: March 28, 2017

    Travis Kelce's fantasy value is measured by his average draft position (ADP) in fantasy football drafts. In recent drafts, Kelce's current ADP is 4.05, which indicates that his fantasy outlook is to be the 5th pick of the 4th round, and 41st selection overall.

    He was drafted 320 times in the latest ADP data, with a high of 27th and a low of 53rd.

    Below is his trend in average draft position:

    Data from fantasy football 12-team standard scoring average draft position data, based off of the latest fantasy football mock drafts.

    Recent drafts with Travis Kelce:

    Draft #DateFormatKelce's Draft Pick
    4038499 3/27/2017 Standard 45th
    4038495 3/27/2017 Standard 48th
    4038468 3/27/2017 Standard 49th
    4038465 3/27/2017 Standard 47th
    4038460 3/27/2017 Standard 45th
    4038459 3/27/2017 Standard 46th
    4038436 3/27/2017 Standard 51st
    4038432 3/27/2017 Standard 50th

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    Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 4.07
    Michael Crabtree WR OAK 4.09
    Andrew Luck QB IND 4.10
    Julian Edelman WR NE 4.11
    Jordan Reed TE WAS 4.12
    Matt Ryan QB ATL 5.01
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    Kelvin Benjamin WR CAR 5.08
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    Injury History and Status

    No injury history available for Travis Kelce.


    Travis Kelce Biography

    Last updated: February 7, 2017

    Childhood and Highschool

    Travis Kelce was born October 5th 1989 in Westlake Ohio. Kelce would go on to become an athlete at the Cleveland Heights high school in Ohio. There he would serve as a triple threat playing football, baseball, and basketball respectively. His athleticism especially shined on the football field in which Kelce would have 2,539 yards his senior year of high school. His success on the field set him up to be a phenomenal choice for a college team. Kelce was a letter-winner for a total of three years in which he would complete massive 1,523 passing yards with 10 touchdowns and 21 scores during his senior year. Scouts easily were able to place Travis Kelce onto a college team and begin his serious career as an outstanding football player.


    Travis Kelce presented with many offers from rival schools eventually accepted an offer to compete with the University of Cincinnati under a scholarship. In 2008, Kelce would make the tough decision to redshirt, allowing him to focus on his college studies and not get distracted by his football career. Kelce finally would play in the 2009 season in which he would have the fortune of starting in 11 games. Those eleven games saw Travis Kelce obtaining 47 yards worth of rushes and two touchdowns. His college career was also shared with his brother Jason Kelce, who played center on the team.

    NFL Draft

    Travis Kelce's pre-draft 40 time was4.61s. His vertical jump was 35 inches. His previous performance in college as well as his pre-draft stats poised Kelce to become an easy draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce was chosen in the third round as the 63rd overall pick. Andy Reid was familiar with Kelce as he had previously drafted Jason Kelce His experience with the brothers made the choice easy, and Travis Kelce would fall into place in the team as a strong player. Kelce would go on to sine a 5 year salary that would combine his pay at $46,842,000.

    2015 NFL Season

    In 2015, Travis Kelce would play one of his best seasons allowing him to eventually be selected to compete in the Pro Bowl. Kelce competed in all 16 games of the NFL season with 72 catches and 875 yards. This ultimately established 2015 as one of Travis Kelce's best recorded seasons. Having played with the Chiefs since 2013, 2015 was the year in which Kelce would finally begin to shine and prove his worth as a valued player on the football team. Those who are interested in viewing his rookie highlights can easily do so through this video by clicking here.

    2016 NFL Season

    In 2016, Kelce would once again be selected to compete in the Pro Bowl as one of the Kansas City Chiefs's start player. This was his second straight year being selected to compete in the prestigious football event. Kelve also signed a contract extension that would result in a $46 million increase. The 2016 season would be fantastic for Kelce as he would be named All-Pro as well as go on to complete over 1,125 yards in rushing, a career high for Kelce Travis Kelce would also be named one of the top 100 players within the league establishing himself as an extremely valued player for the Chiefs.

    Personal Life

    Travis Kelce is the brother to pro-football player Jason Kelce With football running in the family, it is no surprise that Jason has excelled at the sport. Jason competes as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Travis Kelce would also go on to host his own show in which he would date a slew of women similar to the show the Bachelor. In his show, he ended up choosing Maya Benberry Unfortunately after the show, the relationship did not pan out as well as Kelce had hoped, and the couple ended up splitting.

    If you want to view Kelce's daily live tweets, you can do so by visiting his twitter handle here @tkelce.

    Travis Kelce also has a wide variety of gear that can be purchased in order to cheer him on during games. Fans who are interested in supporting Kelce can purchase his jersey and more by visiting here


    Player Comparison

    Who should you draft?

    Eddie Lacy or Travis Kelce

    Demaryius Thomas or Travis Kelce

    Michael Crabtree or Travis Kelce

    Andrew Luck or Travis Kelce

    Julian Edelman or Travis Kelce

    Jordan Reed or Travis Kelce

    Matt Ryan or Travis Kelce

    Doug Martin or Travis Kelce

    Jeremy Hill or Travis Kelce

    Greg Olsen or Travis Kelce

    Jarvis Landry or Travis Kelce

    Jamaal Charles or Travis Kelce

    Travis Kelce or Tyler Eifert

    Kelvin Benjamin or Travis Kelce

    Isaiah Crowell or Travis Kelce



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