• Tyler Eifert (TE) #85

    Tyler Eifert
    ADP:Round: 5, Pick: 08
    Ht / Wt:6'5" / 250 lb.
    College:Notre Dame
    Born:September 8, 1990
    Drafted:2013 / Rd. 1 (21)
    Draft Team:CIN


    Average Draft Position (ADP) Value

    April 26, 2017

    Tyler Eifert's fantasy value is measured by his average draft position (ADP) in fantasy football drafts. In recent drafts, Eifert's current ADP is 5.08, which indicates that his fantasy outlook is to be the 8th pick of the 5th round, and 56th selection overall.

    Data from fantasy football 12-team standard scoring average draft position data, based off of the latest fantasy football mock drafts.


    2016 Season Stats

    Rec Rec Yds Rec TD Ru Att Ru Yds Ru TD
    29 394 5 0 0 0

    Recent drafts with Tyler Eifert:

    Draft #DateFormatEifert's Draft Pick
    4088081 4/26/2017 Standard 61st
    4088079 4/26/2017 Standard 56th
    4088077 4/26/2017 Standard 57th
    4088073 4/26/2017 Standard 60th
    4088068 4/26/2017 Standard 58th
    4088029 4/26/2017 Standard 66th
    4088021 4/26/2017 Standard 63rd
    4087981 4/26/2017 Standard 60th
    4087972 4/26/2017 Standard 74th
    4087969 4/26/2017 Standard 62nd

    Players drafted after Tyler Eifert:

    Derrick Henry RB TEN 5.11
    Martavis Bryant WR PIT 6.01
    Bilal Powell RB NYJ 6.01
    Jimmy Graham TE SEA 6.03
    Derek Carr QB OAK 6.03
    Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 6.03
    Ty Montgomery RB GB 6.06
    Rob Kelley RB WAS 6.06
    Frank Gore RB IND 6.06
    Donte Moncrief WR IND 6.08
    Delanie Walker TE TEN 6.08
    Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 6.09
    Cam Newton QB CAR 6.10
    Dak Prescott QB DAL 6.10
    Kenneth Dixon RB BAL 7.01

    Injury History and Status

    Official reported injury data for Tyler Eifert.

    NFL Season NFL Week Injury Status
    2016 1 Ankle Out
    2016 1 Out
    2016 2 Ankle Doubtful
    2016 2 Ankle Out
    2016 3 Ankle Out
    2016 3 Ankle Out
    2016 4 Ankle Out
    2016 4 Ankle Out
    2016 5 Back Out
    2016 6 Back Out
    2016 16 Back Out

    Tyler Eifert Biography

    Tyler Eifert is an American football player. Eifert is a tight end with the Cincinnati Bengals, and got his contract through the NFL. In college, he played for Notre Dame, and the Bengals picked him up in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Eifert went to high school in Indiana, and he played both tight end and defensive back there. He chose Notre Dame for college over many other offers, and he went on to achieve great things there. Eifert played at Notre Dame from 2009 to 2012, making many memories and creating part of a great team there. In 2012, he won the Mackey Award, after having been a finalist for the prestigious award the year before.

    Tyler Eifert's Notre Dame career had many highlights. Eifert soon proved that he was not even the slightest bit injury-prone, for some of his vertical moves seemed to defy gravity. Playing with the Bengals, with whom he signed a rookie contract in 2013, he created even more for other players to be envious of. He made his NFL debut in 2013, and he proved himself to be worthy of the Bengals jersey for several years. For most of 2014, he was out with a dislocated elbow, but he managed to make up for it in coming years, proving himself worthy on the field.

    In 2015, the Bengals renewed Tyler Eifert's contract for a fifth year, and, sadly, in 2016, he was injured again. This is the same guy who largely made it through his amazing time at Notre Dame with no injuries, and who seemed so invulnerable. But with a bigger salary, comes more stress, so they say, and Eifert was making the big bucks with the Bengals as an NFL contract player. His 40 time at Notre Dame was only 4.68, and he played as an amazing tight end for the first couple of years of his NFL contract days, but injury courts the player a bit these days.

    Eifert's NFL Combine results are so impressive that surely he has a future for many years to go. He got 22 reps of 250 pounds in bench press, just proving his strength as a tight end. He can vertical leap 35.5, and his broad jump figures are 119 inches, one of the best in the league, and certainly on his team. So, for the unforeseen future, we have numbers we can rely on to hope that Eifert will come back full steam and make some more noise with the Bengals. If you want to keep up with Tyler Eifert on Twitter in the meantime, go to https://twitter.com/eiferty85?lang=en and keep an eye on Eifert's many philanthropic causes and areas of interest.

    Since his ankle surgery, he's been waiting to return, and has been successful. In 2016, though he missed the first weeks of the season, he made many appearances---eight, to be exact. Eifert caught 29 passes for 394 yards, and he scored five touchdowns overall, proving that nothing would keep him from playing this past season. He has played only 37 out of 64 possible games since beginning his contract with the Bengals. Due to various injuries, Tyler Eifert has just had a tougher time of it than most. However, Eifert is slated to get back on the field in the spring, thus proving that resilience can make or break you, but hopefully, in his case, make you.

    Eifert continues to prove that he can stick it out. He is an amazing player, and all he needs to be a more exciting fantasy tight end is a better health record, something that no one can help. So, let's hang in with Eifert and see if we can cheer him on to an amazing season in 2017. He surely deserves it, and his record so far proves that he can win the battle and also, in the end, end up with the whole war in the palm of his hand. Don't you think?


    Player Comparison

    Who should you draft?

    Derrick Henry or Tyler Eifert

    Martavis Bryant or Tyler Eifert

    Bilal Powell or Tyler Eifert

    Jimmy Graham or Tyler Eifert

    Derek Carr or Tyler Eifert

    Larry Fitzgerald or Tyler Eifert

    Ty Montgomery or Tyler Eifert

    Rob Kelley or Tyler Eifert

    Frank Gore or Tyler Eifert

    Donte Moncrief or Tyler Eifert

    Delanie Walker or Tyler Eifert

    Jonathan Stewart or Tyler Eifert

    Cam Newton or Tyler Eifert

    Dak Prescott or Tyler Eifert

    Kenneth Dixon or Tyler Eifert



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