Mock Drafts

Fantasy football mock drafts allow you to practice drafting against real people.

It’s free, fast, and fun.

Joining a Mock Draft

First, go to the Mock Draft Lobby.

There, you’ll see a list of draft positions and draft spots. The tabs allow you to select the scoring format of the draft.

First, decide on a draft format. Then, click on the radio button for the draft and draft spot that you want to join in.

Then, enter a team name below that table.

And then click “Enter Draft.”

That will take you into the mock draft room.

Inside The Draft Room

Once inside the draft room, you’ll see several sections on the page:


The mock draft room has a color-coded draftboard that shows who has been selected so far in the draft.

Player List

This lists all players available to draft. It can be sorted by default or alphabetically. If you have Custom Rankings set up, then they will be shown here.

Watch List

The watch list is your personal list of players that are queued up to draft.

Chat Room

Chat with other drafters in the chat box. Please keep the discussion civil and polite.

Report User

If users are behaving improperly, use the Report User box to report them. These notifications are used by the system to ban users who repeatedly act inappropriately. Inappropriate behavior includes rude or abusive chat messages and/or drafting players ridiculously above their average draft position.

Drafting Players

To draft a player, you must first add him to your watch list.

Then, click on the radio button to add them to the Draft box. You can do this before it’s your turn to draft.

When it’s your turn to draft, click the “Draft” button to have him drafted to your team.

Custom Rankings

The rankings displayed in the mock draft will be your custom rankings for that draft format if you have set them.

This makes it easy to see who the best available player is according to your rankings.


To practice drafting with keepers, use the Draft Simulator.