Injury Update - NFL Week 10 (2022)

Josh Allen 343C340D

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills Josh Allen suffered an elbow injury at the end of the Bills’ loss against the Jets and it could be very concerning. Allen injured his UCL as well as related nerves, which are required for stability in the arm. Allen did end up throwing a long bomb at the end of the game which might seem positive, but with the adrenaline that must have been in his body, it’s also likely he could have made the injury worse. Timelines I have seen floating around are 0-2 weeks for a mild sprain all the way to season-ending if it was torn. I would assume his availability in week 10 is highly questionable as they won’t want to risk the chance of reinjuring that same elbow in back-to-back weeks. I would plan accordingly in your waiver bids and free agent pickups on the week.

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