Fantasy Football Draft Help

The fantasy football draft is the most important part of the fantasy football season. It’s also the most fun.

At no other point in the year, will you have as much influence over your season as selecting your team during the fantasy football draft.

Because the draft is so important, it’s no surprise that millions of people look for fantasy football draft help.

There are many ways to get help with your fantasy football draft.

Ways to get fantasy football draft help

1) Practice

Have you ever been on the clock during a draft and not had any clue who to pick? There’s an easy way to prevent that. You can do fantasy football mock drafts to practice different scenarios.

2) Print a cheatsheet

The easiest way to get fantasy football draft help is to print a pre-made cheatsheet and bring it to your draft. It only takes two seconds to set up, and is a standard go-to for people who need fantasy football draft help.

3) Make draft rankings

A more hands-on approach to finding fantasy football rankings and tweaking them on your own. That way, you get the benefit of an expert’s pre-made rankings while giving them your own personal touch.

4) Use a draft tracker

You can also get fantasy football help during your draft by using an interactive draft tracker. It’s a huge help to those who want to visualize who has already been drafted.

5) Average Draft Position Data

To make sure that you are not drafting players too early, view the Average Draft Position data. You’ll see what types of players you get draft in later rounds so that you don’t have to draft them too soon. It’s a great help in a fantasy football draft.


There you are. Five ways to get fantasy football draft help. Good luck in your fantasy football draft this year!