DraftKings Values and Busts: Playoff Week 1 (2020)

Jared Goff Los Angeles Rams


Value – John Wolford ($4900) – Los Angeles Rams

This value hinges solely on Jared Goff’s availability, so you will have to pivot if news comes out that Goff will play.  I never heard of John Wolford before last week, but he performed decent enough against the Cardinals that makes me feel like he could be a big boom player.  Of course, he could also bust magnificently.  Either way, Wolford looks like he can scramble, and we all know how valuable that is in fantasy football.  Wolford ran 6 times against the Cardinals, ending with 56 yards.  He also threw for 231 yards.  Seattle’s defense has been much better the 2nd half of the season, and the Rams haven’t found ways to put up big points on them in the two previous matchups.  Still, this could be an interesting story that could win you some cash.

Bust – Russell Wilson ($6700) – Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson has been a bust of mine in a lot of these articles, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I will throw him in there again against a team they faced twice in the regular season.  They split the series and both times Wilson struggled.  He failed to throw for 250 yards in both contests and only threw for 1 touchdown while throwing 2 interceptions.  The Seahawks also get Carlos Hyde back, so they have a healthy running back group.  As you saw above, we also have a situation where either an injured Jared Goff or an unknown QB named John Wolford will be starting, so the Rams could struggle to move the ball.  This will probably be a very low scoring game unless something crazy happens, so don’t expect Wilson to put up huge numbers.

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