Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2022 - Mock Draft from the 5th Spot in a 12 Team Half-PPR League

Austin Ekeler Los Angeles Chargers

Drafting from the 5th Spot in a 12-Team Half-PPR League (2022)

You know what time it is, it's mock drafting season. That wonderful time of the year when hope springs eternal and every player is nothing but upside. I absolutely love mock drafting, trying out different strategies, and getting comfortable with different draft spots. In this blog, we will take a look at a mock draft on Fantasy Football Calculator from the 5th spot.

Now per usual, we couldn't quite get the full draft filled up. It's still early days with a month until the season so I was pretty happy with the participation of 8 of 12 spots picked up, and FFC's ADP does an excellent job creating a realistic draft. Especially with so many players in a row, it was going to give me a very realistic feel for tendencies and how people were valuing players, especially in my even rounds.

I took this mock draft from the 5th position, potentially my least favorite spot behind the 6th spot in the draft. I personally like to go WR first in this situation even if I miss out on Kupp or Jefferson, but I decided to follow an RB first approach that Joe alluded to in this excellent write-up for a non-PPR 5th slot approach . The goal of mock drafts is to try out different strategies, so I strayed from my usual process to try out an RB-first approach.

First Round, Pick 5: Austin Ekeler

As I said, trying something different here. If I'm going RB at the 5 spot, it's between Ekeler and Henry. Henry has the higher upside but I think Ekeler has the higher floor with his PPR play. You know he's not going to score 20 touchdowns again, but the PPR floor is immense. He's a safe RB1.

Second Round, Pick 20: Alvin Kamara

This pick was made assuming he is not suspended but this is another RB with huge touch potential. The Saints' offense looks to be significantly better this year and it will still run through Kamara. If he can hold up, a question that depresses his value to the second round, he will be a steal and top-end RB1.

Third Round, Pick 29: Tee Higgins

Tough choice between Allen and Higgins, but I find myself leaning toward Tee in the Bengals' offense. There are plenty of targets to go around and he's been tremendously consistent across his two seasons in the league. Chase obviously dampens upside but he should be a solid top 15 WR.

Fourth Round, Pick 44: Josh Jacobs

I was fully intending on going WR here, but Jacobs had a mini fall and with how dismal the position gets late, I felt I had to take him. The theme on my RBs is volume and Josh Jacobs remains a red zone magnet and the lead back on an ascending offense. He has legit RB1 upside.

Fifth Round, Pick 53: Michael Thomas

Given the 3 RB picks, definitely was looking for WR, and rounds 4-8 are the sweet spot for a lot of undervalued WRs. Felt a little uneasy about doubling up on the Saints, but reports are Thomas is healthy and dynamic, and last time we saw him like this he set the record for catches in a season…so yeah I'm interested.

Sixth Round, Pick 68: TJ Hockenson

I think there's a pretty decent drop-off from Hockenson to the rest of the tight ends so felt good about being able to snag him in the 6th. I also knew there would be a WR I wanted available on the way back so TE was the pressing need.

Seventh Round, Pick 77: Jerry Jeudy

I'm man enough to admit that I don’t love this pick, probably should have gone St. Brown but wanted to diversify away from the Lions a bit, especially since I like DJ Chark late. Jeudy definitely has upside and if the Broncos air it out a bit more than last year he could have a high PPR floor.

Eighth Round, Pick 92: JuJu-Smith Schuster

A great talent with a presumed large target share and the best QB in the league? Why am I getting this value in the eighth round again?

Ninth Round, Pick 101: Tom Brady

Waiting on a QB pays off again, Tom Brady is unlikely to repeat his season from last year but he will be a perfectly good QB option that will keep me in every week.

Rest of draft:

From here I tried to capitalize on my position by picking up handcuffs on two of my top 3 RBs and players that could walk into points with DJ Chark and Kenneth Gainwell. Matt Ryan is a capable backup and Irv Smith could be more involved in the offense in 2022. Overall, I'm very happy with this draft, I'm well positioned at the running back position and got plenty of value at WR. With Hockenson and Brady filling out the roster, I would be more than happy to walk into 2022 with this team.

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