ADP Update: Parker Falls, Mendenhall Undervalued

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Willie Parker's ADP is dropping like a rock.

The latest update of the ADP data shows that Willie Parker's average draft position is dangerously close to the 5th round (4.09) for 10-team leagues. Before the NFL draft he was being taken in the mid-second round:

Parker is now firmly in the range of poor #2 RBs and solid #3 RBs. By August he may even be drafted behind Thomas Jones who was a 7th round pick in April.

While it's not surprising that Parker's value decreased with the addition of a new rookie in the backfield, it is surprising that Mendenhall is only being drafted in the late 8th round:

If he is really going to damage Parker's value enough to make him drop 3 rounds, I think Mendenhall should be valued higher. My guess is that Parker and Mendenhall will end up with similar stats at the end of the year (maybe 900 yds and 7 TDs each). I'd prefer to get that production from my 8th round pick rather than my 5th.

Mendenhall looks like an absolute steal right now.

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