Drafting Tip: Custom Search Engines

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When I'm drafting, there's typically three things that I want to know about a player:

  1. What were his previous stats?
  2. What's happening with him lately?
  3. Can I draft him in a later round?

Typically I go to these sources to answer those questions:

  1. Pro-Football-Reference
  2. Football Guys News Blog
  3. Fantasy Football Calculator ADP (yes, shameless plug, but it's true)

Whether it's a slow email draft or a live draft, I want to get the information as fast as possible.  Since I use Firefox, I wanted a way to put the first two sites as custom search engines in the Firefox toolbar.

After some searching, I found the Add to Search Bar add-on.   It's really easy to use, and here is how I used it to add PFR and FBG to my search toolbar:

  1. Install the add-on
  2. Go to Pro-football-reference.com
  3. Right click on the search bar at the top right
  4. Select "Add to Search Bar"

Then edit the name or just hit enter and you should see PFR in the search box!  Go ahead and search for a player and you're taken directly to their career stats page.

Then you can go to Football Guys News and do the same.  My search bar now looks like this:

Obviously, if you have other sites you prefer to use this will work for any of them that have search boxes.  I'm not associated with PFR or FBG at all.  Just sharing a tip that I've found useful.

For Internet Explorer users, this link should help you do the same thing: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/searchguide/en-en/default.mspx.  It only works for IE7 though; IE6 doesn't have a search bar.  I don't use IE7 so I haven't tried it myself.

Give it a try!  I think you'll find it easier to look up player information during those precious few moments during a draft.

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