Big Updates! Save Mock Drafts and Lineup Calculator Teams

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I'm pleased to announce new additions to the site.  You can now keep track of your mock drafts and save teams in the Lineup Calculator. It's all part of the 2008 membership package. To get started now, click here.

Mock Drafts

As a member, your mock drafts will be automatically saved for you and will appear in your user page. The Lineup Calculator is used to automatically calculate a predicted score for each team that you draft. In your user page, you can sort the drafts by best projected fantasy score and filter by league size or draft position:

In the table there is a link to the original draft and a color-coded list of your first eight picks for convenience. It's pretty handy for evaluating draft strategies.

Additionally, clicking on the team name imports the drafted team directly into the Lineup Calculator for further analysis.

Since it's never too early to think about the playoffs, the average fantasy points for weeks 14 - 16 are included in the table as well.

Lineup Calculator

A membership also includes the ability to save unlimited teams in the Lineup Calculator. Your saved teams are kept separate from your drafts in the user page. During the season, the projections will be updated daily to reflect injuries and recent performance.

If you haven't tried the Lineup Calculator yet, it's an easy-to-use tool for evaluating all sorts of scenarios about your lineup. You can evaluate trades, adds, drops, and draft strategies.

Before the season starts, the Lineup Calculator will be upgraded to let you edit the scoring system. At the moment it still uses the default settings. So if you have a PPR league or a 2-QB league, you won't have to wait much longer. IDP will not be supported, however.

Get Started!

The membershp only costs $12.95 for the entire season. That's less than $1 per week to gain an advantage in all of your leagues. Sign up now!

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