Expert League Draft Results

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I recently finished my frist "expert league" draft. I'm in the colorfully-named "Fantasy Website Drunken Pirate Slapfight Expert League" on I drafted 4th out of 12, and it's a pretty standard 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, no PPR league.

Below is my roster. I've only included the first 12 rounds to make it easier to read. I'm sure I drafted a kicker, but I don't really remember or care who it was.

QB - Drew Brees (3.04)

QB - Aaron Rodgers (10.09)

RB - Brian Westbrook (1.04)

RB - Thomas Jones (4.09)

RB - Felix Jones (8.09)

RB - Kenny Watson (11.04)

WR - Reggie Wayne (2.09)

WR - Santonio Holmes (5.04)

WR - Joey Galloway (7.04)

WR - Derrick Mason (9.04)

TE - Tony Gonzalez (6.09)

DEF - New England (12.09)

Overall I'm pleased with my team. Since it was an expert league I didn't really expect to get away with any big steals. My best pick was definitely Reggie Wayne at the end of the second round, who I think will have a monster year.

Running backs flew off the board in this draft, even more than I would have guessed. I sort of took the opposite strategy and took the best available, which left me with a good QB and solid receivers and TE. However, I'm only a Brian Westbrook ankle-sprain away from disaster.

I can't wait for the season to start now that I've got my first team drafted. I'll post status updates throughout the season so you can all keep up with the "Drunken Pirate Slapfight."

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