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Two new site updates for anyone that's wanted to either:

  1. Use the draftboard to to help monitor a draft in real-time, or
  2. Start a new draft with only computers

These new products are the Draft Calculator and Draft Simulator. They're part of the 2008 Membership Package, which also includes the Lineup Calculator and saved Mock Drafts.

The Draft Calculator lets you pick a team size (6 to 18 teams), number of rounds (up to 20) and draft position.  You then manually enter every draft pick during your live draft to easily see how the draft is going.

This is an early version of the Draft Calculator, and it does not offer any suggested picks (that will be next year).  It is a good tool for visualizing a draft in action. You don't want to waste precious time scrambling to see if the guy next to you has already drafted a QB.

The Draft Simulator is similar to the Draft Calculator except that the computer selects for everyone else in the draft.  It's especially useful if you need to prepare for a draft with more than 15 rounds.

These two additions have been requested by a lot of people, and it's exciting to see the draftboard used for other applications than just mock drafts.  You can get started now by signing up for a membership.

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