New site updates: Dashboard, projections, bug fixes, and more

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A lot of improvements have been added to the site within the past few weeks, and I would like to highlight them all here.  Most of them relate to the Lineup Calculator and the saved teams that come with a membership.


Lineup Calculator Dashboard

Now you can quickly see all of your bye week players and injured players for the upcoming week for all of your teams in the dashboard on your user page.

This makes it a lot easier to spot problems with a lineup and reduce the chance of accidentally starting a player who won't score you points that week.  This feature is only available for members.

Sortable Custom Projections For All Players

Fantasy Football Projections

Embedded within the Lineup Calculator is the option to display the projected points for every player for every week. It's at the bottom of the page below the roster table.

These projections are based on the league settings that you can customize.  The column headers are sortable to make it easy to find the best player for any week.

User Interface Improvements

For members with multiple teams saved, there is now a drop-down list of all of your saved teams for quick access within the Lineup Calculator. If you're viewing one team with the Lineup Calculator you can quickly switch to a different team without going back to your user page.

Also, there were several speed improvements so it's now faster to load the Lineup Calculator and to add and drop players.

Additional Settings Values

By request, I've added some more scoring values to the customizable settings.  For instance, you can now have 5 yds/pt for running backs and -4 pts for an interception.

Next year, there will be even more options like defense scoring, return yards, negative points for missed field goals, and distance-TD bonuses.

Bug Fixes

The biggest fix is that there was a bug that caused extra players to appear within a lineup. It was annoying because it took extra work to remove those players. This bug is completely fixed now.

Help Section

There is now a lengthy help page that answers common questions and describes how to use the tools.

For instance, the meaning behind the color shading in the Lineup Calculator is described here:

Contact Form

If you have suggestions, complaints, or would like to share a success story, you can now easily do that through the contact page.  The email address of [email protected] still works, but there's now an easy form to fill out to make it a little easier for you.

Don't Miss Out

There's still plenty of time to take advantage of these improvements.  Whether you have a team struggling to make the playoffs or you're trying to find players to score big for your championship game, these tools can help you. Check out the membership page to see everything that's available.

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