Rookies added, Draft features, and Free memberships

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With the NFL draft so close it's time to officially kick off the 2009 season here at Fantasy Football Calculator.  Here are some site improvements to get you started.

Rookies Added

The long awaited rookies have been added.  Right now there are 28 rookies listed as free agents.  The rest will be added after the draft next weekend.

Easier to Draft

You can now keep track of the draft even with the window minimized.  As the draft progresses, the title bar displays the last draft pick:

Mock draft UI

The title bar also changes when it's your turn and counts down your remaining time to draft:

Mock draft UI

Hopefully this will result in fewer missed picks.  It's especially useful when you're at work or doing other browsing online.

Free Memberships

Starting this season there is now also a free Basic Membership option.  This lets you have all of your mock drafts automatically saved for you along with a projected fantasy score for your lineup.

Save mock drafts

Sign up here to get started.  The premium membership still offers all of the features from last year: Saved mock drafts, Draft Calculator, Draft Simulator, Lineup Calculator, User Dashboard, and Custom Projections. Everything is updated for 2009 and ready to go.

See you in the mocks.

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