ADP Update: Replaced Running Backs

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The recent NFL draft has many complex effects on fantasy football, some of which won't be known until the season gets closer.

Some effects have been immediate, however.  Both Thomas Jones and Joseph Addai have seen their ADP rankings drop since the draft on April 25-26.  Here is a graph of their ADP for 12-team leagues including before and after the draft.

The addition of Shonn Greene to the Jets has sent Thomas Jones from a 3.11 ADP down to the mid 4th round where he continues to slide.

Addai's value is plummeting as well due to the Colts drafting Donald Brown with their first round pick.

Both of these backfields bear watching because they may end up in full-blown committees by the time the season starts.  Fantasy drafters are already starting to look elsewhere for their RB2.

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