ADP Update: Romo's Value Still Declining

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Since Terrell Owens went to the the Bills there has been a shakeup in fantasy rankings everywhere.  The exact change in fantasy value for everyone involved has been a big question though.  Fantasy Football Fools recently wrote a good article describing the effect on Romo's fantasy value.

As the Fools suggest, it's now clear that Tony Romo has been hit hard by Owens' depature.  A look at their recent ADP trends shows that Romo is still dropping in the draft boards.

Tony Romo can currently be drafted in the late fifth round (5.08).  At this rate he's creeping towards the 6th round bargain bin QBs.  He's already behind Philp Rivers and Aaron Rodgers, two solid quarterbacks with high upside.

Owens signed on March 8, and it looks like his value in the graph has already accounted for the move.  Romo, on the other hand, continues to creep down.

It looks like fantasy drafters are still adjusting to Romo's new value.  It could be because several questions remain.  Can Roy Williams fill T.O.'s shoes?  How much emphasis will Dallas place on the running game?  And what happens if poor Tony hurts his little pinkie finger again?

A lot of fantasy drafters that go by value based drafting (VBD) tend to pick up quarterbacks in the middle rounds.  If you're one of them, Romo might be one guy to keep an eye on.

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