Breaking News: Pierre Thomas beats Reggie Bush

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The flash-and-dash Reggie Bush has just dropped below Pierre Thomas in fantasy football average draft rankings. The graph below shows their ADP trends in 10-team mock drafts.

Pierre Thomas beats Reggie Bush

You can now draft either one in the mid 4th round.  What's surprising is that Reggie's value has not decreased much.  The switch has mostly been due to an increase in Pierre Thomas' value.

Just yesterday, fantasy writer Tom Kessenich said on Twitter that Thomas could be a monster this year.  Good timing on his part.  Looks like he's on to something.

The cat is out of the bag now though.  For non-PPR leagues, there is a difficult choice to make between the two Saints running backs.

It will be interesting to see how each of their draft rankings change this summer.  Bush is coming off of knee surgery, and Thomas bruised his left wrist this past Saturday.  With these injuries, this battle may be decided in the trainer's room.

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