QB Showdown: Rivers or Warner?

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Two very different players.

Two wildly different paths to success.

And they have the same average draft position.

Philip Rivers vs. Kurt Warner

What goes through your head when you debate whether to draft Philip Rivers or Kurt Warner?  Although Warner used to be ahead of Rivers, they are now both going at the end of the fourth round in 12 team mock drafts at 4.11.  Below are their ADP trends.

Philip Rivers and Kurt Warner ADP

Philip Rivers

Last year, Rivers took a huge step forward.  He threw for 4009/39/11 as compared to his 3152/21/15 in 2007.  As an early 1st round pick in 2005, the expectations have always been high for Rivers.  He is also reliable, starting in all 16 games for each of the past three years.

Kurt Warner

Warner had a comeback season last year, throwing for 4583/30/14.  It was also the first time he started 16 games in a season since 2001 with the Rams.  He's a scrappy player who fought his way into the league and back into a starting role with the Cardinals.  Even though he gets to throw to the most dangerous receiver in the NFL, his durability is a major concern to fantasy owners.


Both have upside, but only Philip Rivers has consistency on his side.  Neither player is a bad pick for late in the fourth round though.  Your tolerance for risk may be the biggest factor in who you decide for your team.

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