Were you counting on Derrick Ward this year?

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If so, your dreams may have been smashed.  The talented and promising running back that many thought would carry the load for the Bucs this year may now be part of a complicated platoon that includes Cadillac Williams.

That Rotoworld article has a good breakdown of what could be one of the more important fantasy football-related moves this week.  With a new trend of players taking one or even two wide receivers at the start of their fantasy football draft, Ward has frequently been though of as a solid RB3, and even an RB2 for those more desperate.

Ward's average draft position has not been steady as drafters have tried to pin down his role this year.  It's alternated between the late fourth round and the mid-fifth round for 12-team leagues.

Currently at an ADP of 4.11, expect that graph to dip back down again, perhaps as low as the 6th or 7th round.  When you hear the coach describe the running back carries distributed in a 2-2-1 ratio...

"..the starter will get two series, followed by another back playing the next two series and a third getting a single series."

it's time to run the other direction. Guys like McFadden and Larry Johnson have their own question marks, but they should at least get the playing time they need to play a valuable role on your roster.

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