PPR Mock Drafts Are Finally Here!

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PPR Mock Drafts are finally here!  Just head on to the mock draft page, and click on the PPR/Flex tab to see drafts that are being offered in that format.

It's been by far the most requested addition, and you can rest now that it's officially part of the site.

The scoring format for the PPR drafts also include a change to the starting lineup.  Instead of 3 WRs, it's now 2 WRs and a RB/WR flex.  That kind of format seems to be one of the most popular, and fits well with the one point per reception.

The rankings for the PPR drafts are nearly identical to the standard drafts at the moment.  However, as more PPR drafts are conducted, the rankings for the PPR drafts will eventually reflect more accurate PPR rankings over the course of the next few days.

Also, the ADP page will show average draft positions for PPR/Flex drafts after a few days worth of data have been built up.

Lastly, premium members have the new PPR/Flex option in the Draft Calculator and Draft Simulator as well.  If you have one of those formats for your main league, you'll now be able to more accurately practice with that draft format.

Have fun mocking!

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