2nd Round Wide Receivers Are Popular This Year

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What's your wide receiver strategy?

If you're like most other people this year, there is less emphasis on wide receivers in the first round and more emphasis on second round wide receivers.

Thanks to the archived ADP data, we can see that in 2009 for standard 12-team leagues, there were:

  • 4 first round WRs
  • 4 second round WRs

Fast forward to the 2010 ADP for 12-team standard leagues and we have:

  • 3 first round WRs
  • 6 second round WRs

The shift could be because people went too crazy with wide receivers last year.  The combination of increased passing and more RBBC in the NFL seems to have caused a mini wide receiver bubble last year.

The lesson from last year may have been that wide receivers are important, but they're too risky to take in the first round.  The second round offers a much better value for that position this year.

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