At the 2012 Pro Bowl

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Last month, I got to go to the Pro Bowl in Honolulu.  Here's a picture from my seat:

The game started with an on-side kick by the NFC, which quickly led to a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown.  That was the beginning of the high-scoring game.

With a final score of 59-41, it wasn't even that exciting to watch them score.  There were some highlights though.  It was cool to see Cam Newton hook up with Steve Smith for a long touchdown.  However, that was the high point of Cam's performance.  He got consistently booed for the rest of the game for repeatedly missing open receivers.

I was cheering for Joe Thomas, since he was the only Browns player to make the Pro Bowl.  He did an amazing job, and didn't allow any sacks.  Although that rule prohibiting quarterback sacks may have helped a bit too.

It was a great time, and even though the competition was lacking, it was a fun experience.  I'm glad that I got to go this year, since it may end up being the last one.

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